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Watershed Limited is pleased to announce the purchase of FPC from 01 September 2021.


As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of the most comprehensive range of equipment associated with aquatic facilities in New Zealand, FPC have been a major part of commercial pools in NZ since the 1950’s. Both Lewis and David Cameron have been heavily involved in, and contributed to, the wider industry with many systems being designed and developed in-house.


This acquisition gives Watershed and FPC the opportunity to consult, design, supply equipment, manufacture for, and service the aquatics industry nationwide.


Watershed will continue to consult to the industry, whilst FPC will manage the sales, products, installation and servicing of filters, pumps, chemicals and Waterplay® accessories from three locations in the upper North Island.


FPC manufacture, supply and install:

  • Gravity sand filters
  • Pressure sand filters
  • Pressure Diatomaceous Earth filters
  • In-line filters
  • Large Vacuum Diatomaceous Earth filters
  •  Gas Chlorination
  • pH correction
  • Hypochlorite generators
  • Chemical feed pumps for Calcium and Sodium Hypochlorite solution feed
  • Ozone generation and injection
  • Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Sterilisation


We manufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of ancilliary equipment associated with swimming and spa pools, both domestic and commercial, for New Zealand and the Pacific Rim countries.


Over the past years, we have also manufactured trickle irrigation sand filters, both high and low pressure, manual and automatic together with after-strainers of various capacities.




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