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Pressure Diatomaceous Filters

The Diatomaceous Earth Filter is well known for its superior performance as a filter system.

FPC Ltd are also well know for their excellence in manufacture of water treatment equipment. FPC Ltd manufacture here, for the New Zealand market, the full range of FPC/Atlas Pressure Upflow Pre Coat Filters. These filters constitute the most efficient and cost effective solution for filtration of heavily loaded swimming pools and water supplies.

The major advantages are :

Reduction in plantroom size

Consistently low micron filtration in one pass

Large savings in backwash water

Lower capital cost 

Ease of operation

Long filter runs

Patented regeneration cycle

Complete hydraulic evacuation of precoat material (no 'air bump' necessary).





FPC Ltd manufacture the filter tanks from T316 stainless steel plate with wall thicknesses varying between 2.0 and 4.5 mm depending on filter model. Likewise, the manifold plates vary in thickness from 10 to 22 mm. All seams are welded internally and externally by qualified coded welders.


The tanks are complete in every respect with pressure gauges, air release valves, manifold and butterfly valves, and all necessary fittings. The tubes are held in place by a pressure plate and inert rubber "o" rings.


The spacing of the elements is 37 mm apart, thus avoiding any bridging during the filtration cycle. The filter vessel construction complies with NZS 4441 : 1985 and NSF codes from the USA.


The internal filter elements are constructed from patented injection moulded ABS cores covered with 100 % monofilament polypropylene bags which are calandared. The filter elements are completely chemically resistant and non-corrosive.


Backwash is by means of reverse flow using butterfly valves on the manifold. The water inlet is at the bottom of the vessel and the filtered water outlet is at the top. This together with the vertical tube design give complete disposal of filter media and solids under reverse flow conditions.


The FPC/Atlas filter has a patented regenerative cycle using a Stainless Steel swing check valve and inlet nozzle at the inlet, thus by shutting the pump off the media settles and on restart the media can be redistributed onto the septums thus extending filter run times. The inlet nozzle ensures effective redistribution by allowing the precoat media to adhere to the element septums before any dirt.


 The maximum filter rate for the FPC / Atlas PCT Filter, in a swimming pool application, is 1.25 l/s/m2 in accordance with NZS 4441: 2008 Swimming Pool Design Standard.

Lower filtration rates mean longer filter runs but greater cost. 

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