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Pressure Sand Filters

The oldest method of filtering known is thru silica sand. FPC staff have been manufacturing pressure sand filters since the 1950s.

Initially, filters were manufactured from mild steel and epoxy coated. Later, with the availability of Stainless Steel we manufactured them from this new long lasting product that needed no protective coating.


We still manufacture these filters today, however, new, modern composite materials means that filters are also now made in filament wound fibreglass and composites.


This low cost, non corrosive material is one of the preferred types of sand filter used on low pressure applications today, such as swimming pool plant. The photo above shows pressure sand filters that FPC Ltd installed at the Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre in Timaru, New Zealand.


FPC Ltd manufacture or import sand filters from 18 inches in diameter (457 mm) to 9 feet (2750 mm) in diameter. Obviously with gravity sand filtration, the vessels can be made in any size to suit the application up to about 5 m in diameter. The vessels can be manufactured short (600 mm sand bed depth) or tall (1200 mm bed depth) for various applications and medias from silica sand to glass media, anthracite to Zeolite, or ion exchange resins for water treatment.

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