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Vacuum Diatomaceous Earth Filters

FPC manufactures their own proven design of Vacuum DE filters and our staff have been doing so since 1970.

Vacuum DE is known worldwide to be simply the best form of swimming pool filtration plant available. Nothing can perform like a Vacuum Diatomaceous Earth filter for length of filter run, clarity, human pathogen removal and ease of operation.


All FPC DE Filtrers can be operated using alternate medias, however, it is well proven that there is only one product that works exceptionally well in these types of filters, and that is Diatomaceous Earth. 


Remember that there are many forms of DE anmd all are not suitable for Swimming Pool filtration.


Talk to FPC Ltd to ensure the correct grade and type of DE is being used to achieve the best results in your pool.  The right grade will improve the filtrate (final water clarity) and length of filter run, meaning less time spent in your plantroom.

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