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FPC Ltd manufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of equipment associated with public swimming pools in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim countries.

FPC Ltd are generally involved with new projects including Aquatic Complexes, School Pools, hospital and hospitality pools, as well as refurbishment of existing facilities. 


Over the past years, we have also manufactured trickle irrigation sand filters, both high and low pressure, manual and automatic together with after-strainers of various capacities. Our history in Water Treatment goes back to 1958.

St Peters School

St Peters School

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Commission Date

11 July 2013


St Peters School is well renowned for innovation and promotion of leading edge technology at their School,  The combination of a 25 m 10 lane out dsoor pool and the more recent 25 m 8 lane indoor pool are a great example of this. Here again FPC Ltd were trusted with their Pressure DE filters as the filtration method along with Sodium Hypochblorite and CO2 for chemical introduction, fully automated by Prominent D2C Controllers.




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