Clean Water, Healthy Communities

FPC manufactures and imports the most comprehensive range of aquatic equipment in New Zealand. As well as supplying equipment, FPC works with you to plan, install and then maintain your aquatic assets. With over 40 years invested in the industry, whether it’s a new water park, a swimming pool or water treatment facility, you can rely on us to help transform your vision into reality.

In 2021, FPC became part of the Watershed Group. Watershed’s reputation for rock solid planning and consultancy combined with FPC’s depth of expertise means we can handle every aspect of your aquatic project – from consultation and design, through to full plant room installation and ongoing support.

From Asset Management Plans through to people having fun together at the new community splash pad – FPC delivers.

We design, manufacture, supply and install water treatment equipment.

  • Gravity sand filters
  • Pressure sand filters
  • Pressure media filters
  • In-line filters
  • Large vacuum media filters
  • Chemical Treatment equipment
  • Gas chlorination
  • pH correction
  • Hypochlorite generators
  • Chemical feed pumps for calcium and sodium
  • Hypochlorite solution feed
  • Ozone generation and injection
  • Medium pressure ultraviolet sterilisation