Our Services

Sustainable Water Management From Design to Maintenance

You’ve invested heavily in your plant and facility- now what?
You need to optimise its use, reduce downtime, and ensure everything is working efficiently and safely.

The use and reuse of water has never been more important in our world. We know how to move it, treat it, and ensure it is clean and safe. Coupled with this we are big believers in ensuring what we and our clients do is sustainable and respects this precious resource. The connection between regular maintenance and attention to how the plant is operating cannot be underestimated.

At FPC we offer regular common sense service options that reflect the expected service levels of your facility, with cloud based service records that detail the plant, the servicing needs and records.

There’s no single approach or answer – we tailor our services to meet your needs.

01. Consultancy

FPC offers comprehensive aquatic and water treatment consulting for both short and long term projects.

Our industry experience and expertise helps uncover inefficiencies and explore new strategic opportunities.

  • Long term planning for government entities and the private sector
  • Research, audits, data-gathering and analysis to inform recommendations
  • Comprehensive reporting customised to your needs

02. Planning and design

Our experienced design team works with you to develop the brief, creating CAD drawings and schematics, and collaborating with project consultants to get it right.

We can adapt to your needs, initiating new projects from scratch, or supporting the alteration of existing designs. Once signed off, these plans form the backbone of the project plan, ensuring adherence to the brief and preventing scope creep.

Albany Stadium Pool Project
FPC supplied and installed the Waterplay equipment, the Kersplash climbing wall and all the filtration and dosing equipment for the facility.

03. Workshop and manufacturing

We manufacture or supply:

  • Filter tanks
  • The full range of FPC/Atlas Pressure up flow precoat filters
  • Overflow channel grating
  • Lane ropes
  • Anchors
  • Skimmers
  • Balance tank equipment
  • Vacuum cleaning systems
  • Test kits
  • Flow meters

And, everything necessary for the complete and efficient operation of your pool plant. For details view our Water Treatment section.

04. Installation

From plant rooms and pipes, to hilariously fun water parks – we install it.

Our experienced team works with your own to ensure a smooth, low risk installation process for your project.

05. Commissioning

There are many important steps required to effectively commission a new water project, and it’s important that these are performed correctly because, with water, the risks are high. FPC has the knowledge and experience to help mitigate risks and check for these during the commissioning process.

06. Maintenance

We partner with government agencies, local councils, schools and the private sector to deliver not only water plant, pool and playground maintenance but also arrange, coordinate and work with other trades. Get in touch with us to take a load off your shoulders!